Electrical Section

Our electrical team has the experience of handling several prestigious projects and completing them well within the committed time frame. We are offering electrification services to our that include electrical contractors, engaged in providing cost effective electrical service.

Wiring and Assembly :-

We follow the IS standards. For the purpose of detail engineering and wiring. Drawing, detail engineering is done in such manner that all the local and statutory requirements and fulfilled. These systems are also very easy to understand and work upon in case of any maintenance. The component layout is such that all the components are within easy reach for operation and maintenance. The component marking is also done properly to facilitate the component identification.

Safety Standards :-

All the feeders have door interlocking so that it not possible to open the feeder door when the main switch is in ON position. Also the live side of the Switch/MCCB is also shrouded to prevent accidental contact after the feeder door is opened. All the connections brought out in the cable alley are also shrouded with transparent sheet, FRP/Hylam sheet so as to prevent accidental contact while working on other feeders in the cable alley. Also all the switch gear selection, busbar calculation.