Fabrication Section

Our organization is engaged offering fabrication Services. Our team of experts is capable of understanding completing the task for any kind of machinery. Our team carries in production without most precision to offer components which meet highest quality standard.

Bus Bar Systems :-

The Busbar is one of the most important parts of the panel which is designed technically by us.

This is a system, which takes advantage of thermal and mechanical properties of the Bus bar material to resist the short circuit current and to increase the heat dissipation & keep busbar cooler.

The Advantages of This Busbar Arrangement :-

The busbar are covered with Heat shrinkable PVC Sleeve of red, yellow, blue, and black color which itself gives phase identification.

Busbars are supported on SMC insulator and the joints are tightened with specified torque and then sealed with a mark of point .Earth bus is provided throughout the length of the panel and is brought out of panel to facilitate the connection to the earth grid.